Kingwood Christmas Market

The magic of a traditional Christmas Market in #KingwoodTexas was inspired by the Old World and influenced by the new, this months event celebrates the sounds,sights and scents of Christmas. Set in the charming #KingwoodTownCenter Park, paved -lined streets, beautiful decorations from back to front of the park, seasonal scents of the fresh baked cupcakes from #GiGi‘s and the Holiday spirit of #GnomeSweetGnome.#TheKingwoodChristmasMarket brings together local craftspeople, musicians and artisan food-makers for a truly festive experience. Enjoy the holiday food, beverages as you browse through the selection of hand-made ornaments, wood carvings and crafts. Don’t forget to stop by the giant Christmas trees for your Instagram moment.This year we are having a BLESSED Merry Christmas!

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Kingwood Christmas Market

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