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Welcome to the Liveable Forest!

As a consumer, you’re probably a member of plenty of loyalty programs. Credit cards, grocery stores, airlines, hotels – they all offer something. And you know the benefits — coupons, deals, discounts, etc. So why not join one for your business? Joining The Livable Forest perks is great for business owners who want to gain an edge over competitors. This rewards program provides incentives—like discounts and free merchandise—to your customers for their loyal business. The more they spend with you, the more they get back. It’s simple and it works. Who doesn’t like feeling appreciated?

You as a business owner have control over what the perks will be for The Livable Forest Members! You will post in the members only group what you are offering them when they visit. Best part is you can change the perk as often as you want! The members will show you The Livable Forest membership card when they walk into your brick and mortar or visit you at your pop up shop!

How much does it cost to be a participating business ?

It is free to all businesses.

Do I have to provide the members with cards ?

No. The responsibility of membership card distribution is on The Livable Forest.

Can I change my perk offering ?

Yes ! You can change it as often as you like without notice but I do advise not to change it too many times in one day.

Do businesses get a membership card when signing up ?

Yes ! When you sign on you will receive 1 card and it will be delivered to the store or address you choose.

What if I have multiple locations and not all of them are in Kingwood ?

If you want to extend the perk offer to all your locations even if they are in another city you can.

Will I be able to offer a membership card at my location?

Yes ! You can purchase as many membership cards as you like and offer them to your customers. If this is something you are wanting to do you will be given a special rate per card starting with a minimum order of 25 cards. You will have to sell the membership for $50 a year and please note that this card is only a year membership. If this is something you would like to offer you will have to order you cards by January 31st. of the current year.

Do I have the choice to limit how many times a member can receive a perk ?

When a member comes to support your business they are allowed to use the perk you offer. If they come back over and over again you just received repeat business ! Which is the goal of the perks program.

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