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As a local business attracting customers in today’s technology-driven world, you must get your business name and profile listed in all the major online directories. Many of these directories are well-known websites and social media platforms such as Facebook or Yelp, where any business owner can make a page for their company. However, many less-popular or local websites allow business owners to list their companies for free as well.

When you advertise your business in these local community centres, you are tapping into the market that is literally right at your doorstep and putting your products and services in front of your greatest potential customer….local residents!

Here at The Livable Forest you can submit a blog post, current event and even join our perks program all for FREE ! This is because we truly want to support our small business community !

If you are a business owner and need an additional source to market your business you can for FREE here !!!

This service will forever and always be FREE for businesses owners so your listing will NEVER go away !

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