Monday Motivation

Good morning Foresters !! Here is my Monday motivation for you.

Every champion was once a contender that refused to give up so I need all of you come out of your shell because you where put here to impact the world. They may be better then you BUT they should not out work you.

This is your year to shine and be bright. So when you see a challenge it’s never a problem, when you see an opportunity it’s never a burden and when you see a hurdle it’s not an unbreakable wall, they are all barrier you can run through.What’s the difference between a winner and loser ?

Winners say it may be difficult and hard but it’s possible.

Losers say it may be possible but it’s just too difficult.

Winners see the gain.Losers see the pain.

Winners see the possibilities. Losers see the problems.

Winners make it happen.Losers let it happen.

If you see NOTING you will be NOTHING.

Let’s all take a minute and ELIMINATE LOSER from our vocabulary so we can get back to being winners. Own 2021 don’t let it own you.





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