Falling for Fall

Good morning Foresters……So do I have any fellow fall lovers out there? I know, I know this is way too soon for fall posts…but I simply could not resist sharing some favorite fall images.

I must say I get a little pep in my step when fall rolls around, when my sleeveless shirt dilemmas say goodbye until next season, when I feel inspired to start making big pots of my favorite comfort foods (and there are many trust me on that), when pumpkin picking and fall foliage season come about. Yes, this all excites me like you can’t believe!

I love waking up that cool air, and opening a window and just breathing fall in. I love adding little touches around my home to signify falls arrival. Nothing over the top, but little subtle touches here and there.

So, today’s a tribute to fall and the glorious inspiration it inevitably brings like a beautifully wrapped present every time this time of year.

How about you? Do you like to add touches of fall into your home? Do you enjoy the season like I do? Do tell !

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