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The number one question about The Livable Forest perks card is “how do I use it?” Since people are so use to scanning and swiping a card flashing one seems way to easy.

I want it to be easy for the business owner and the consumer to conduct a transaction without having to scan or swipe anything else.
A fear that I am so surprised that came up was what if the person you show the card to doesn’t know what you are talking about and then you are embarrassed.

Everyone who is on this card was signed up by either the general manager or owner of the business. They have let their team know to keep a look out for the The Livable Forest perks card.

Also, understand that some folks are just now coming back to work or have just started working at that place of business so they themselves may not have heard about it yet.

I use my card all the time and will show you the places my family goes with card and how to use it. It’s sweet and simple.

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