The Livable Forest is a online marketing platform designed to help support businesses that are part of the perks program with marketing. It is free for businesses to join. You can also join our membership program where you will receive a one of a kind “The Livable Forest” perks(discounts)card !

With this card you can visit select businesses, receive discounts, attend member outings for free, participate in monthly drawings and much more !

Everything we do is centered around our perk businesses !

Please register with The Livable Forest to gain access to exclusive members content ! It is free to register and join as a normal member. If you are using a phone go to the side bar and scroll down and if you are on a tablet click the side bar.

Your membership will give you access to EXCLUSIVE perks and deals with participating businesses.
When you purchase a membership a portion of the proceeds go to Kingwood Kindness which is an organization that helps our community at the drop of a dime. They have been supporting and caring for our community since Harvey and have not stopped!

The funds will also be used to host more vendor markets at Kingwood Town Center Park so that small business owners can come for FREE and sell their goods.

If you would like a perks card : https://thelivableforest.wpcomstaging.com/the-livable-forest-perks-card/
If you would like to be a perks business: https://thelivableforest.wpcomstaging.com/become-a-livable-forest…/

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