The Kid’s Jubilee

Join us in Kingwood Town Center Park for a family friendly market!
The weather will hopefully be nice and everyone can get out the house, support local businesses, enjoy the food, the kids can play and see friends and everyone can have a great time!
We will have big kid and toddler bounce house, a sac race and egg on a spoon race and the kids can win candy and the 1st. place gets a $10 gift card to WalMart!!


CLICK HERE and press GOING !

Kid’s Jubilee Vendor Current List- This list will change overtime as we get closer to market.

  1. Hazel Molina- Pica Queen
  2. Julie Angol- Thee Aroma Teaz
  3. Jennie Arteaga- Aqua World
  4. Nicole Rodriguez- Bubbles Boutique
  5. Crystal Ratcliff- Sisters Making Creations
  6. Deanna Joseph- The Cutting Edge Woodworks
  7. Danni Richey- Punchy Purchase
  8. Turkessa Taylor- Taya Creations
  9. Penny Norton- The Rusty Buckle Food Co
    10.Tiffany Morrison- Barnyard Tumblrs
  10. Nicole Nelson- Quality Resale LLC
  11. Maria Cristina Saucedo- Cristy Makes
  12. Steven Laws- E.L Inc.
  13. Andrew Silva- Clutch City Coffee
  14. Anna Maria Paulus- COL312 Project
  15. Daniel S Rutland- waiting on business name
  16. Linsey Berthelot- waiting on business name
  17. Samantha Brecher- Jewelry Gypsies
  18. Michelle Garza- The Spirit Factory
  19. Paranda Smith- Aspire Creations LLC
  20. Angela Hirsch- C&K Expressions
  21. Anais M Mosqueda- waiting on business name
  22. Chelsea Walls- Kings Door
  23. Kim Sykes- Sistahs Meals on Wheels
  24. Kency Robles- Fragrant Accents
  25. Randi Schroeder- Scrunchie Daze
  26. Martha Hathcote- waiting on business name
  27. Pamela Avila- Park Candles
  28. Melanie Infinger- Mel’s Bargain Boutique
  29. Kurt Schmidt- Schmidts Christmas Market
  30. Rose Martin Sheffield- Days of the Diva Crafts and More
  31. Matye Hubbard
  32. Contessa Verna Oliver
  33. Nicole Lewis- Color Street

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