Back To School Drive !

Hey guys ! Back in 2018 when I hosted my first Kid’s Jubilee(was called Back to School market at the time) my mom and I bought 50 cool backpacks stuffed with school supplies each getting the same items. I wanted to do the same for this years Kid’s Jubilee August 14, 2021 and wanted to know if I can get your help with the school supplies. I will buy the backpacks and do the stuffing and credit any donors.

I figure with all that has happened I could do it again so at least some kids will have supplies and backpack they will be proud of. If you would like to see a video of the backpack giveaway please click on the link below. I did just get out of the hospital from having Sinatra but showed up anyway so it’s not glamorous lol .

Video Link:

If you want to help me purchase or gather school supplies please let me know by texting me at 214-734-1917 or if you don’t want to shop you can PayPal me from our 2018 drive !

Back To School Drive

To donate please text 214-734-1917 or email, with your name and what you are donating. We can schedule a pick up location.

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