Become a Seller

So you have some things you want to sell ?

The Livable Forest Marketplace connects you to people whose style you will love, allowing you to easily shop closets and boutiques. 

Need to do a home clean out ?

Have clothes, jewelry, bags, home decor, beauty products or pet gear you would like sell ? List items for sale on The Livable Forest ! Once you sell what you have you can shop the site for items you really love !

The Livable Forest marketplace is designed so that anyone can use it and lets you set up a shop in just a matter of minutes.  


Steps to become a seller with The Livable Forest

If you have a perks members account with The Livable Forest all you need to do is go to members login, click view profile and scroll to the bottom and click vendor dashboard. You will need to request to be a seller and then check your email within 48 hrs. for your approval. 
  1. Register with The Livable Forest. 
  2. Login.
  3. Go to members login, click view profile and scroll to the bottom and click vendor dashboard.
  4. Click become/apply to be a vendor. 
  5. Check your email from The Livable Forest your approval.
  6. Set up your store !

What does commission and payout look like ?

  1. Free and daily withdraw with a minimum of $10.00 in your account.
  2. You take home 80% of your sales.
Benefits ? 

1.Livable Forest Membership that gives you $1k’s in discounts.
2. You can sell on the platform.
3. Free Marketing .
4. No dropping off clothes or items.
5. You set your OWN PRICES and can change them when you like
6. No rejection.
7. You have your own dashboard and can see all your sales and earning in real time.

How would I manage my store ?

You will have your very own private vendor dashboard where you can handle all the logistics of your store. 

How to get to your dashboard !

  1. Go to Members Login/out
  2. Click View Profile
  3. Click Vendor Dashboard

Product Enquiry

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