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Hello ! We host FREE vendor markets for our perks businesses and every so often we host FREE ones for businesses not part of the perks program. If you are wanting to join a vendor market that is not open to businesses outside the perks program there is a vendor fee of $20.00. If you join the perks program you will have to be an active perks business for at least 3 months before you join the free vendor market.

Down below the type of market will be listed along with registration pertaining to that specific market. We also host community events that will be posted below and if we need vendors that information will be posted below as well.

Hey there!

Thank you so much for joining us at one of our Free vendor markets for perk businesses ! When people join The Livable Forest either as a perks business or perks member they are making it possible for these markets to take place.

Please only register if you plan on showing up. Failure to show without giving a week notice will ban you from participating in any future free markets.

FREE Vendor Market Registration: Perk businesses and non perk businesses

Example: Mary Kay

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