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Joining The Livable Forest perks is great for business owners who want to gain an edge over competitors. This rewards program provides incentives—like discounts and free merchandise—to your customers for their loyal business.

You as a business owner have control over what the perks will be for The Livable Forest Members! Best part is you can change the perk as often as you want! The members will show you The Livable Forest membership card when they walk into your brick and mortar or visit you at your pop up shop!

MEMBERS PAY ONLY A ONE TIME FEE !! So they are not billed and they have no monthly/ yearly obligations so they can support your business even more !!

How Our Community and Sponsors Benefits

  1. Help small businesses reach their financial goals through hosting free community markets where businesses will have the opportunity to present their products.
  2. Businesses have the opportunity to gain new customers and give current customers an incentive to stay. 
  3. Businesses will also receive free promotion on our website, facebook page and instagram page. 
  4. Either host or sponsor workshops for individuals who are interested in entrepreneurial ventures.
  5. Either host or sponsor children workshops for parents who want to introduce entrepreneurship.
  6. Support the community in everyday needs by supporting our local 5o1c3 charity, Kingwood Kindness.

For a list of CURRENT participating businesses and to learn more click HERE

If you want to be a perks business click HERE It is 100% FREE

If you want to get a perks card(one time fee of $50) Click HERE

The Livable Forest

Kingwood, Texas


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