Corporate Community Membership

Elevate not only your corporate experience but also fundraising opportunities for schools, Booster clubs, teams, churches, and charities with our exclusive offering: Corporate Community Membership. Explore the myriad of enhanced benefits your organization and community can embrace:

Empower and Enrich: Provide a unique code for 100 of your esteemed employees, team members, or community representatives to become a part of the prestigious Community Member tier. This can serve as an excellent incentive or fundraising tool for schools, clubs, or churches.

Maximize Earnings and Give Back: All 100 Community Members can turn into affiliates, earning an impressive 20% commission. This isn’t just about contributing to your organization’s growth, but it’s an excellent way for schools, teams, churches, and charities to raise funds, all while members benefit personally. No hidden costs involved.

Cost-Effective Fundraising: Secure memberships at an attractive rate of only $5.00 each, a massive savings from the standard $25.00 individual rate. If you opt to sell all 100 perk cards at $25, that’s a fundraising potential of $2,500!

Effortless Benefit Distribution: In under 7 business days, 100 perk cards will be at your organization’s doorstep. These cards simplify the process of sharing the extensive benefits of the Corporate Community Membership.

Expand Your Community’s Network: Upgrading gives a golden ticket: a full-year access to a vast vendor market network. Ideal for creating partnerships, forging new connections, or just enjoying discounts in a bustling marketplace, this can be a game-changer for charities and churches aiming to extend their reach.

Additional Information:

For entities wishing for linked accounts, we cater with a specialized account type. The main account holder gets a unique code for easy distribution among members, making registrations hassle-free. At checkout, auto-registration for members can be activated by the primary account holder.

During checkout, a zero-cost code is produced for the main account, ensuring sponsored members can register without fees. This code’s visibility is maintained on their membership and confirmation pages.

Should a sponsor’s account be terminated, it would impact associated sponsored members by disabling their accounts. Reactivation of the sponsor’s account would auto-enable these linked accounts.

Do remember, sponsors (like parents) can’t use their own code for membership sign-up.

Jump aboard the Corporate Community Membership journey, and let’s collaboratively take benefits, rewards, and community support to unparalleled heights!