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The Livable Forest is a online marketing platform designed to help support businesses in the Greater Houston Area through our perks program. When you register to be a member you will receive a Livable Forest perks (discount)card.

With this card you can visit select businesses and receive discounts, attend member outings, participate in monthly drawings and much more !

Start Here !

Fundraise without the headaches of traditional fundraisers

100% Virtual


No paperwork to fill out, no cash to collect, and no product to distribute. Fundraise from anywhere.

Exceed your goals


You keep 50% of what you sell. No fees and no minimums to meet.

Get Paid Quickly


Fundraising Events are seven days long. So you get your payout faster.

No product to handle


We ship all perk card orders right to the supporter, anywhere in the USA.

How does this work ?

Step 1.

You will pick if you are a organization or individual and then fill out the appropriate form.

Step 2

We will create your pop up shop and it will appear live on the fundraising page(bottom of this page). Your pop up will be available for 7 days. Everyone will be able to see how much your fundraiser is needing and how much you have raised.

Step 3.

After your fundraiser ends it will take 3-5 business days for you to receive your payment !

Welcome to

360 Fundraising

Explore a Pop-Up Store

Pop-Up Store 360 Fundraising is a seven day virtual fundraiser where you and your team earn 50% profit selling the best community perks card this side of the Mississippi, and you never have to worry about handling cards or collecting money. It’s 100% virtual.

When you donate you will receive a lifetime Livable Forest Perks Card ! With this card you can visit select businesses and receive discounts, attend member outings, participate in monthly drawings and much more with no expiration date !

What is 360 Fundraising ?

It is when your fundraiser is selling a product that also supports the community as a whole.

What does that look like ?

When you support a fundraiser by buying a perks card 50% of the sales go directly to the fundraiser, you get to support small and local businesses and get a discount in the community and then The Livable Forest gets to host free vendor markets for the small business community and support local charities.


Whether you are a school, company, or club you can create your very own pop up shop !


If you have a personal goal you can create your very own pop up shop !

Check out the current fundraisers !

To check out a fundraiser all you have to do is click the photo and it will take you to their individual or organizations page. Once there you can see how much each fundraiser is trying to raise and how much has been raised.

When you purchase a Livable Forest Perks card 50% of each sale goes to the fundraiser and the other 50% helps support small businesses and charities in our community.

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