Houston’s Women Network

Meet New Women

Here in HWN you will find women from all over the world, all walks of life and experiences.

New Interest

You may find a new hobby and who knows it may turn into more than just pass time fun.


You will have access to all the women business networks to connect professionally with other women.


lets go ladies

This is for women who want to elevate themselves, their careers and personal life. 

We do this by finding valuable long-term personal and business contacts, hearing advice from other women and experts in different industries, sharing knowledge and experiences, all with an emphasis on making connections and collaboration.

While in HWN you can also find information on everyday life such as marriage, dating, parenting and much more through our custom news feeds for each category.





Book Clubs


Let's Do This

The Possibilities

Why this network was created. 

This is a space where we can have those important conversations, find support and be there for each other woman to woman. As a result, be empowered to do what you do best. 


Let's Talk Benefits

how we work

With every network you normally have maybe a Facebook group,a meet up opportunity once a month and overall very limited when it comes to connecting with your network.

Once inside Houston’s Women Network you have unmatched resources and abilities such as follows.

  1. You have the ability to create blogs. This gives you an opportunity to create long form content that can connect to your personal network, business or pages. 
  2. You have the ability to create groups. Your groups have zoom capabilities and email collection and distribution. You can have your group public, private(invite only) or hidden from the network unless given the link.
  3. You have the ability to customize your personal profiles. You want to give the network more information on who you are and what you do we have a very extensive profile fields section for you to fill out. 
  4. You have the ability to open an online store. You can sell whatever you like in the network marketplace.  This marketplace is only visible to logged in members.
  5. You have the ability to create video, pictures and written posts to the news feed 24/7. This allows you to update the network whenever you like, and get immediate responses on questions and reactions to your content. 
  6. You have the ability to create free and paid events. Do you have events coming up ? This is a wonderful opportunity to share any meetups, conferences, private events, parties and much more. 
  7. You are automatically an affiliate of HWN. You can earn 10% on all memberships that are booked through your personal affiliate link. 

Our Process

Let's get started

After your have decided if this will be a great fit for you there are a few more steps before you can actually join the Houston’s Women Network. We have a general and short application process. 

Fill out the application

This application will give us a sense of who you are in general. We hope to get to know you more inside the network. Then you will need to agree to terms of membership.

Create your account

Once we have your application and you are approved then you will receive a link to start your membership and create an account. 

Your introduction

Once you have logged in you will need to set up your personal profile. Please be sure to upload a picture of yourself. Once all is set up take a moment to introduce yourself to the network. 

Houston’s Women Network

Pricing and Privacy

what's on offer

This is a private network and is only accessible to members that have a membership account.

Membership is $20 per month billed every 30 days.

  • 100% private.
  •  No link can be shared outside of the network. If clicked they will be prompted to create a membership account.
  • You cannot access the Houston’s Women Network from the front end by typing in the URL. You will be redirected to this landing page if you click register, forget password or create an account.
  • If you go to the URL you will have to log in to access the platform. 

If you want to be notified once registration is open fill out the form below.

Lets chat

Contact Info

Opening Hours


Tiffany Parker


I am a stay at home working boy mom of 1 ! I have been married to my husband, Jeremy for 8 years. I have a small business, The Livable Forest.

This network is for women to come together and inspire, develop, and support one another. Whether you are single, married, a stay at home wife, mom or working mom there is a place for you here.


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