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If you have some good news, valuable information, want to spark a conversation, post an event, business promotion please fill out the form. All post that are approved will automatically post to the blog on the members site and The Livable Forest Facebook Page.

When you submit a post and it is published on The Livable Forest social media pages or websites it is now the sole property of The Livable Forest. However you will be credited as the author of the post with a link to your website once it is published.

If a guest author wants to link to his/her guest post from his/her own site, that’s fine.

Here’s what we look for when authors offer us a guest post:

Spam – We Google their name to make sure they aren’t pushing out spammy content throughout the web.
Links – We make sure they aren’t linking out in their bio or within the content to spammy websites.
Depth – We look to see how detailed your past content is. We usually look for authors who write content that is at least 1,000 words, if not 2,000.

The content has to fit in with the blog theme– For example, family, community, marketing and entrepreneurship. We won’t accept any guest posts outside of those four topics, no matter how well they are written or from whom they are.

All post will be reviewed and approved within 24 hrs. and if there is an issue with your post request we will reach out to you by email.

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