Facebook Live Topic: Collaboration is KEY to Your GROWTH !

Posted on April 11, 2023

The Livable Forest is the premier business platform for all entrepreneurs in Kingwood, Texas, but especially women business owners. Our community offers networking opportunities, educational resources, and vendor markets for local businesses.

Questions for you to answer ! So get a pen and paper.

1. Have you gone to a networking event this month ?

2. Who have you collaborated with in the last 30 days ?

3. Are you opposed to being part of a community that can help give you direction in your business ?

Go NOW to thelivableforest.com and do the following 3 steps,

1. Become a member:

2. Complete a brand assessment(free if you have a membership)

3. Complete this course


4. Register for this networking and workshop

I guarantee if you do the work and show up to our networking meetups and workshops you will see your business grow exponentially.


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