New Perk Business Incentive !!

Posted on August 14, 2023

Hey Perk Business Family! ☺️

Get ready to check your Facebook notifications tonight! ❤️I’ve invited YOU to become editors on The Livable Forest. Yes, YOU get to post, and YOU get to post – EVERYONE gets to post! 🎉

Not just on your Facebook and Instagram pages, but on OUR shared platform. Let’s use this power to grow and build together, shining a spotlight on all the fabulous members’ perks. 😁

This is OUR time, a thrilling, joy-filled moment to unite, have fun, and create an economically vibrant community. So come on, join the party! 🎉

#LivableForest #PerkBusinesses #GrowTogether #CommunityLove #JoinTheFun


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