Posted on August 27, 2023

🌟Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to the magical world of PM Popcorn! Born from the heart of a family dream on November 29th, 2012, they ignited this venture to support the vision of their church leaders. And you know what happened next? People couldn’t get ENOUGH! They fell head over heels in love with popcorn in a way they never had before, reinventing this classic treat with an unforgettable twist!

And guess where the name comes from? Their darling daughter’s nickname! It’s led them to a slogan we can ALL relate to: “The popcorn you DREAM about!” And believe it or not, folks have actually DREAMED of this popcorn, waking up with an urge so strong, they just had to place an order!

Now, imagine strolling through your local festival or small business popup shops, and there they are, serving up mouth-watering flavors that dance on your taste buds! Sweet & Spicy, Caramel Drizzle, Velvety Cheese, Decadent Chocolate Drizzle, Heavenly Vanilla, Creamy White Cheddar, Cookies & Cream, Zesty Ranch, and that fiery Spicy kick!

But it’s not just about the flavors! PM Popcorn stands tall, taking immense pride in their exceptional service and unmatched quality, unique ONLY to their brand! And guess what? They’re not just in the popcorn business; they’re in the relationship business, aspiring to be your lifelong partner for EVERY popcorn craving you ever have! So go on, dive into the PM Popcorn experience and let those taste buds soar!🌟


+1 281-507-287