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🌟Ladies and Gentlemen, gather around, for I have a heartwarming story to share! At the heart of Purples Petal Bakery stands a passionate mother-daughter duo on a mission, not just to create mouthwatering pastries, but to change the world one delectable treat at a time!

Now, this isn’t just about the love of baking; it’s a journey of hope and love for a brave little warrior named Lincoln. At just 2 years young, this adorable fighter is battling Cystic Fibrosis every single day. And even with medical advancements, we’re still seeking that cure, that ray of hope. As his mother and grandmother, the driving force behind this bakery, they’re pouring their hearts and souls into ensuring a bright future for Lincoln – a future filled with joy and memories, outlasting their own lifetimes.

And here’s where YOU come in! By indulging in their handcrafted treats, from the fluffiest cupcakes to the most delectable cake pops and irresistibly creamy mini cheesecakes, you’re not just satisfying your sweet tooth; you’re becoming a beacon of hope! Every bite is a step towards making CF stand for ‘Cure Found.’ Dive into the delicious world of Purples Petal Bakery and be a part of a movement, a dream, a mission to change lives!🌟



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🌟Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to the magical world of PM Popcorn! Born from the heart of a family dream on November 29th, 2012, they ignited this venture to support the vision of their church leaders. And you know what happened next? People couldn’t get ENOUGH! They fell head over heels in love with popcorn in a way they never had before, reinventing this classic treat with an unforgettable twist!

And guess where the name comes from? Their darling daughter’s nickname! It’s led them to a slogan we can ALL relate to: “The popcorn you DREAM about!” And believe it or not, folks have actually DREAMED of this popcorn, waking up with an urge so strong, they just had to place an order!

Now, imagine strolling through your local festival or small business popup shops, and there they are, serving up mouth-watering flavors that dance on your taste buds! Sweet & Spicy, Caramel Drizzle, Velvety Cheese, Decadent Chocolate Drizzle, Heavenly Vanilla, Creamy White Cheddar, Cookies & Cream, Zesty Ranch, and that fiery Spicy kick!

But it’s not just about the flavors! PM Popcorn stands tall, taking immense pride in their exceptional service and unmatched quality, unique ONLY to their brand! And guess what? They’re not just in the popcorn business; they’re in the relationship business, aspiring to be your lifelong partner for EVERY popcorn craving you ever have! So go on, dive into the PM Popcorn experience and let those taste buds soar!🌟


+1 281-507-287



We Have Friday NIGHT Markets at Kingwood Town Center Park !

August 26, 2023 in Business, Community News, Events

Hello, fabulous entrepreneurs! Step right into our SPLENDID vendor market, tailored JUST for you passionate product-based visionaries eager for groundbreaking growth and flourishing opportunities!🌱

🎉Can you feel the holiday vibes drawing near? We’re absolutely READY! Let the festivities commence EARLIER this year with our special Friday evening markets crafted just for you! 🌃✨

Hold onto your hats because securing your spot is just a mere $25! Isn’t that fantastic?

👉Don’t wait another moment! Book NOW at: 🌐

Join us, and together, let’s create something truly MAGICAL!💥

🌟 Grab Your Spot at the MOST Magical Event of the Year: Join the Yellow Snow Christmas Spectacle! 🎄✨

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Hello fabulous people! 🌟 This is Tiffany Parker from The Livable Forest, and have I got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for YOU! 🚀 Together with the unstoppable Krystal from the ‘In A Pickle Festival’ and ‘Lake Houston Farmers Market’, we’re set to create pure MAGIC at Fulbrook Brewing and beyond! And guess what? YOU can be a part of it! 🌠

Introducing… The spectacular ‘Yellow Snow Christmas Market’! 🎄✨ Think yellow snow eating contests, thrilling snowball showdowns, and a visit from the jolliest fellow – Santa himself! 🎅 But here’s where YOU come in: Want a spot in this enchanting winter wonderland? Hurry! 🏃‍♀️🏃 Spots are SUPER limited and trust me, they’re flying off like hotcakes!

Got that spark in your eye? 🌟 Email your application NOW to and be a part of the festive sensation everyone will be talking about! Remember, magic waits for no one and neither do these spots! Grab yours before they vanish! 🎁

Stay fabulous and keep the magic alive! 🎉✨

🌟 Exciting Partnership Alert! Tiffany & Krystal Join Forces for Festive Fun 🤝🎄

August 26, 2023 in Business, Community News, Events

Hey everyone! 🎉 This is Tiffany Parker from The Livable Forest, and do I have some thrilling news for YOU! I’ve teamed up with the dynamic Krystal, the mastermind behind the ‘In A Pickle Festival’ and the beloved ‘Lake Houston Farmers Market’. Guess what? We’re on a mission to sprinkle some magic over Fulbrook Brewing and the entire neighborhood with electrifying annual events! 🎆 But here’s the catch – spaces are LIMITED and they’ll go FAST! Our grand debut? The sensational ‘Yellow Snow Christmas Market’! Prepare to be dazzled with yellow snow eating contests (yes, you read that right!), epic snowball battles, and a special appearance from none other than SANTA himself! 🎅🌨️ For all our aspiring vendors, the details are just a click away in the attached application. And if anything’s on your mind, just holler! We’re here to help. Get ready for the magic! ✨

The Power of Networking: Strategies for Building Valuable Connections

August 24, 2023 in Business

In the modern business world, success often hinges on the ability to create, maintain, and utilize relationships both within and outside your industry. Networking, which involves forming and fostering these connections, is a critical aspect of professional growth and business development. This article will delve into the importance of networking and provide you with some practical strategies for building valuable connections.

Understanding the Importance of Networking

Networking is the process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts. But why is it so critical in the business world?

  1. Opportunity Creation: Networking often leads to opportunities you may not have found otherwise, such as partnerships, sales leads, or even job openings.
  2. Knowledge Expansion: Networking allows you to learn from others’ experiences and insights. It can provide you with new perspectives and ideas that you might not have considered.
  3. Increased Visibility: Regular networking ensures that you and your business stay visible within your industry. It allows you to showcase your expertise and value to key influencers and decision-makers.
  4. Relationship Building: Networking enables you to build relationships with others who can help you professionally. Over time, these connections can become a supportive network that you can turn to for advice or assistance.

Strategies for Effective Networking

Now that we understand why networking is important, let’s delve into some strategies that can help you network more effectively.

Online Networking

In today’s digital age, online networking has become incredibly important. Here are a few tips to network effectively online:

  1. Utilize Social Media: LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Instagram can be powerful networking tools. Regularly post updates and engage with others’ posts to stay visible.
  2. Join Online Groups: Participate in online forums, Facebook groups, and LinkedIn groups related to your industry. This can help you connect with like-minded individuals.
  3. Webinars and Online Events: Attend online conferences, webinars, and virtual networking events. These can provide opportunities to connect with other professionals in your field.

Offline Networking

While online networking has its advantages, don’t neglect the power of face-to-face interactions. Here are a few strategies:

  1. Attend Industry Events: Conferences, seminars, and industry meetups are excellent places to meet new people and build relationships.
  2. Join Local Business Groups: Local business groups and clubs provide regular networking opportunities.
  3. Volunteer: Volunteering your time or skills to industry events or community causes can help you meet people and showcase your values and abilities.

Maintaining and Leveraging Connections

Building connections is only half the battle. Here’s how to maintain and leverage them:

  1. Follow Up: After meeting someone new, follow up with them. A simple email expressing how nice it was to meet them can go a long way in fostering the relationship.
  2. Stay in Touch: Regularly check in with your connections. Share relevant articles, congratulate them on professional achievements, or simply catch up.
  3. Offer Value: Networking is a two-way street. Ensure that you’re offering value to your connections, not just taking from them.

Networking is a skill that can be honed over time. As you continue to build and foster connections, you’ll likely find that your network becomes one of your most valuable business assets. Remember, the power of networking lies not just in the number of connections you have, but the relationships you build and the value you provide to each other.

Cvs Pharmacy Fall Festival

August 24, 2023 in Business, Community News, Events, New Vendor Alert

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for an absolutely INCREDIBLE event brought to you by CVS Pharmacy – Atascocita and The Livable Forestt !

We’re thrilled to announce the spectacular FALL Festival, and guess what? Our remarkable partner, CVS Pharmacy, is the host! Can you believe it?!

Mark your calendars and gather ’round, because we’re rolling out the excitement right in your local neighborhood of Atascocita, and we’re bringing the FUN with us! Picture a day bursting with laughter, games that’ll make you jump for joy, and a fantastic lineup of local vendors that will leave you speechless!

But that’s not all – here’s something truly special: We’re teaming up to not only celebrate the joy of community but to safeguard it too. Get ready to take a step towards a healthier community by getting your flu vaccination right here at CVS Pharmacy. It’s not just an event; it’s a chance to protect and uplift each other.

And hey, vendors, listen up, because this is YOUR chance to shine! Imagine being part of this exhilarating event as a vendor, showcasing your amazing products and services. And guess what? If you jump on board and register – and yes, actually show up – I’ve got a mind-blowing surprise for you. An exclusive discount awaits you for a market of your choice with The Livable Forest! Now, how’s that for an offer you can’t refuse?

Oh, and did I mention the best part? It’s like music to your ears – being a part of CVS’s sensational fall festival as a vendor comes at absolutely no cost! That’s right, it’s FREE to join in on the magic.

So, my dear friends, don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Join us at CVS Pharmacy in Atascocita and let’s create memories, laughter, and a stronger, healthier community together! See you there! 🎉🍂🎈

Facebook Event Page:

**** Anyone interested in being a vendor for the event please reach out to me directly or call the Pharmacy @ 281-812-4377 ask for Halle or Audrey .****

Taste of The Town 2023: Lake Houston

August 24, 2023 in Community News

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve secured my ticket for the incredible Taste of The Town: Lake Houston event!

Joining me on this culinary journey is none other than my dearest friend, Dominique Cousin the co-owner of In House Chefs and Featured Caterer. Brace yourselves as they tantalize our taste buds with samples of their extraordinary cuisine—a flavor experience I’ve had the privilege of savoring on numerous occasions.

Prepare to be swept away by the magnificence of Taste of the Town Lake Houston, proudly presented by none other than Insperity. This gastronomic extravaganza stands as the pinnacle of food and beverage expos in the Lake Houston region. A delectable showcase featuring an array of menu masterpieces from local restaurants, bakeries, and beverage artisans.

It’s an undeniable haven for culinary enthusiasts and a premier social affair of the year. Embark on a journey of flavors, where every bite tells a story of Lake Houston’s culinary finesse.

What’s even more fulfilling is that every ounce of support for this event directly benefits the noble cause of Inspire ND. This remarkable organization dedicates itself to empowering adolescents, young adults, and families who embody the beauty of neurodiversity.

Let’s not wait another moment! Secure your tickets now, and let’s come together to not only relish outstanding cuisine but also craft timeless memories that will forever linger in our hearts.

Get your tickets:

New Livable Forest Vendor – Your Style on Point

August 23, 2023 in Business, Community News, New Vendor Alert

Your Style on Point Boutique is the ultimate fashion destination for trendsetters looking to make a statement. Nestled in the heart of the city, this unique boutique offers an exquisite blend of contemporary designs and classic elegance. With exclusive access to cutting-edge styles and personalized attention, every shopping experience is tailored to individual tastes and needs. Featuring handpicked collections from emerging designers and renowned brands, Your Style on Point Boutique is a haven for those seeking to express themselves through fashion. Discover your next wardrobe favorite and let your style truly shine!

Did I mention they are an official Livable Forest Perks Business ? They offer members of The Livable Forest 15% off your purchase !


Exciting Sponsorship Opportunity at BOOFEST KINGWOOD Awaits YOU!

August 23, 2023 in Community News

Good morning! Hold on to your seats because this is BIG news! The TITLE SPONSORSHIP for BOOFEST KINGWOOD has been snapped up by Comcast Xfinity. But guess what? The excitement doesn’t stop there!

The opportunity to become a sponsor is still within your reach for just $250! Yes, that’s right! And if you’re looking for something extra special, how about exclusivity in your field for an additional $250? Imagine being the ONLY one in your profession represented at this grand event!

Don’t wait – these opportunities are going fast! Contact us right away to be part of the magic that is BOOFEST KINGWOOD!

To secure a regular sponsorship:

Email for questions and secure exclusivity:

Best Automotives Fall Car Show

August 23, 2023 in Community News

Applications from vehicle owners are now being accepted. The show will be on Sunday October 15th from noon to 5pm with a rain date of October 22nd. We expect a very large entry.

Entry fee is $25 for the first car and $20 for any others. Day of show entry fee will be $30 and $25.The show is open to the public from noon to 5pm. Prizegiving is scheduled for 4:15. There will be live music.

Entries are open now at

When you have entered the details of your car you will be given a link to our website to complete your payment via PayPal or a debit/credit card. There is a link to a map of the layout at the top right of the website. If you would like a specific space include that when you pay the fee or email us.


We will have a limited number of vendor spaces available on a first come first served basis.Judges!! We want to add some more volunteers to our judging team. We have a structured format and use a smartphone/tablet-based app to make it easier. We plan to hold a training course for the new judges on before the event.

If you are interested email Tony and we will arrange for you to join the training. Thank you!

If you have any questions or need information email or txt/call 346-600-2366.

New Livable Forest Vendor – Thee Aroma Teaz

August 22, 2023 in Business, Community News, New Vendor Alert

Indulge in the pure symphony of Organic Alkaline Teas, masterfully crafted to tantalize your senses. These aren’t just beverages; they’re a soulful experience, blending age-old herbal traditions with a modern touch. ☕️

But wait, there’s more! Explore our enchanting collection of Syrups, perfectly concocted to add that extra dash of natural sweetness to your life. 🍯

And for the nut milk enthusiasts, we present our luscious Nut Milks. Creamy, nutritious, and full of love, they’re everything you need to elevate your palate. 🥛

At Thee Aroma Teaz, we believe in the art of nurturing, using nature’s finest to provide you with the treasures of the Earth. So come on, darling, take a sip and embark on a journey of taste and tranquility with us. 🌸 #TheeAromaTeaz #SipOfBliss


Phone: 281-410-9394


New Livable Forest Vendor – The Sweet Habit

August 22, 2023 in Community News

Welcome to The Sweet Habit, where your cookie dreams come true! 🍪✨ Nestled in the heart of Atascocita, TX, our cozy at-home bakery is a haven for those in pursuit of the perfect bite.

Specializing in custom cookies for those oh-so-special occasions, our traditional vanilla almond sugar cookies are more than just a treat. They’re a guarantee of something soft, fresh, and absolutely scrumptious. One bite, and you’ll be hooked! 😋

Our baking queen, Tina, is not just whipping up cookies; she’s crafting memories. Working hand-in-hand with each customer, Tina ensures that every order is a perfect fit for your event. Because darling, here at The Sweet Habit, every order is a special affair, and we’re devoted to making sure you leave with a smile and a satisfied sweet tooth. 🎉

Craving a taste of our magic? Find us on Instagram and Facebook, where we’re serving up the latest specials that’ll have you drooling! 📸

Thanks, sugar, for stopping by and supporting small businesses like ours. We can’t wait to sweeten your day! 🧁💖 #TheSweetHabit #CookieHeaven


Survived Summer Shopping Event

August 21, 2023 in Business, Community News, Kingwood Business Women, Product or Business Reviews

Darlings, brace yourselves for a fabulous fall at The Livable Forest Gift Shop! 🍁✨ As the leaves start turning, we’re rolling out the red carpet and inviting you to indulge in seasonal delights that’ll make you say, “Summer who?” 😘

Find us strutting our stuff at Booth K6 at The Painted Tree in Kingwood, Texas, where we’re showcasing products that are as extraordinary as your holiday wish list. 🎁 But hold on to your hats, sweethearts – there’s more! Get ready for weekly events hosted by Painted Tree that’ll make your autumn dreams come true. 🎃💫

Want to stay as fabulous as the fall foliage? Subscribe to our newsletter, and we’ll keep you in the loop on all things Painted Tree. From unique gifts to those festive decorations that’ll make your neighbors jealous, we’ve got you covered. See you at The Livable Forest Gift Shop, sugar! 😍🍂

Oh, and congrats! You’ve officially survived summer break, and honey, that deserves more than just an award! 🏆 Painted Tree’s throwing a bash to end all summer bashes on August 26th with live music, treats, shopping, and – hold the phone – mimosas! 🥂💃

Welcome the sassy days of bus stops and drop-offs from 10 AM to 2 PM at Painted Tree. So grab your besties, grab a cart (and a glass!), and come toast to the return of the back-to-school season! Trust me, darling, shopping has never been this much fun. 🛍️🎉 #FallFabulous #SassyShopping

New Livable Forest Vendor- Everlasting Links

August 21, 2023 in Business, Community News, New Vendor Alert

Permanent jewelry is a rising trend in the world of accessorizing. Through a swift, effortless, and pain-free process, custom-fit jewelry is welded directly onto you. Unlike traditional pieces, it lacks a clasp, lending it a “permanent” quality that remains in place until you decide to remove it.✨

Are you one of the many who has “NEVER HEARD OF IT”? Whether you’re familiar with this trend or just discovering it now, permanent jewelry is all about crafting perfection.

IN SHORT: A chain is precisely sized, meticulously cut, and seamlessly welded, culminating in the PERFECT flawless finish!✨

#permanentjewelry #smallbusiness #kingwoodtx #houston #fyp #trending #weldedjewelry

Please provide details on what you are selling:
I hand weld custom sized jewelry making it permanent.


New Livable Forest Vendor- Pur Noire Wines

August 21, 2023 in Business, Community News, New Vendor Alert

In 2014, Carissa and Kenneth Stephens discovered a love for wine, especially intrigued by minority-owned wine brands. A trip to Italy in 2015 deepened their passion, with the Venetian atmosphere and Tuscan landscape heightening their appreciation for Barolo and Chianti Classico.

A disappointing venture into a luxury wine club in 2017 nearly led them away from the wine industry. But, in 2019, they chose to launch their own brand, Pur Noire, to combine high-quality wine with unique experiences.

Though the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted their initial launch plan in March 2020, the couple pivoted to a virtual event, nearly selling out their proprietary Red Blend within their first three months. Despite the pandemic’s limitations, the quality of the wine received acclaim.

November 2021 saw the opening of Houston’s first Black-owned winery and tasting room by Pur Noire, earning praise and major press coverage. Since then, the portfolio has expanded to nine wines, winning numerous awards and even earning Pur Noire the Innovator of the Year Award from HUE Society in 2022.

Persistent and committed to excellence, Pur Noire has grown sustainably, now shipping their award-winning wines to 42 states. The brand continues to thrive, representing Houston’s first Black-Owned winery and tasting room. Enjoy Pur Noire today!

Please provide details on what you are selling:
We are selling our wine bottles and we are providing information on our story and brand, we provide education on our wines and education on wine tasting.

New Livable Forest Vendor- Granny’s Tamales LLC

August 21, 2023 in Business, Community News, New Vendor Alert

Granny’s Tamales Houston, a family-run chain of stores, has turned a cherished recipe into a national sensation. The ‘original’ Granny, Juanita Gonzalez, crafted the mouth-watering recipe in the 1990s and only shared it within the family.

Juanita and her husband Robert ignited this tamale trend with their first shop in Corpus Christi over two decades ago. Their son Daniel and his wife Tina have since expanded the business, opening locations in Humble, and adding two more. Married for over 35 years, the couple’s two children also contribute to the family enterprise.

Tina, who left a lucrative sales career to fully commit to the rapidly growing business, credits their success to divine guidance, hard work, and perseverance. The journey, filled with long hours and challenges, began with only two part-time employees but has since grown to include a fleet of full-time staff and daily delivery routes.

Granny’s Tamales Houston has even been recognized as one of the top 10 Tamales in the city by Fox 26 News. Their stores offer more than a dozen gourmet varieties, including six vegetarian options, all cooked in Humble. Each order comes with their signature red or green sauce, making them a far cry from ordinary grocery store or restaurant tamales.

Shea Green
Business Name
Granny’s Tamales LLC
Business Type
Are your products handmade or locally sourced?
Do you offer any unique or specialty items?
Do produce USDA Organic or All Natural Products ?
Are you available for the entire duration of the market/fair?
Are there any special permits or licenses needed for your products or services?
Upload your permits and licenses
Do you understand you should leave a positive review on The Livable Forest Facebook Page or Google Profile ?
Have you participated in any vendor markets or craft fairs before? If yes, please provide details.
Yes. Kingwood FM, Groves FM, Lake Houston FM, Sugarland FM, Lake Jackson FM, Woodlands FM, Bay Area FM, Friendswood FM, etc.
What are your price ranges for products or services?
$9.00 – $15.00
How do you plan to promote your participation in the market/fair?
Please provide details on what you are selling:
Tamales, Salsa, and Pastries

Now Booking Vendors For Fall & Holiday Markets

August 20, 2023 in Community News

Welcome to our vibrant vendor market, exclusively designed for product-based businesses seeking growth and development opportunities!

Booth Fees !

$100 for Non Community Members

$ 75 for Community Members

Book Your Markets:

Become a Community Member and save at Market ! It’s only $25 on time fee !

New Livable Forest Vendor- Vai G

August 20, 2023 in Business, Community News, New Vendor Alert

Discover our exquisite collection of handcrafted jewelry, meticulously fashioned from premium materials such as iron and gold. Our selection spans elegant chains, earrings, rings, bracelets, and anklets, each piece reflecting our commitment to quality and design.

But that’s not all. In addition to our signature jewelry, we offer a chic array of accessories, including handbags and purses, designed to complement your unique style. Explore our offerings and elevate your ensemble with these timeless adornments.

Business Name
Vai G

New Livable Forest Vendor !

August 20, 2023 in Community News, New Vendor Alert


Anecdote Naturals started in 2017 with just a thought and and an idea. It was in 2019 when we took the brand global with a simple mission and vision: To reinvigorate the mind, body, and spirit; inspiring moments of hope and happiness as people effortlessly connect with products that smell good and are good for them too!

What started as a creative outlet and a way to leverage a science background to help others has quickly flourished into a brand that inspires the best in those who interface with our products by providing SIMPLE solutions and ingredients everyone can pronounce.

We strive to foster symbiotic partnerships with our customers and welcome all feedback as we believe it is only from feedback that we can grow and achieve our highest good of helping others Be Good 2 Themselves!


You can find ANECDOTE NATURALS in select Fine Retailers. Interested in Wholesale with Anecdote Naturals, please email us at

Please provide details on what you are selling:
Soap, bath salts, body butter, makeup, candles