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Hey Foresters ! This place was created so we can connect live, off social media and discuss freely. Please use this chat room responsibly and remember to be respectful. If you do have any issues or want me to add another forum to the chat room please let me know by filling out the form below.

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Music and Entertainment

All things music and entertainment talk.

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Dangers And Dangers ...



All things news and public need to know talk.

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Back to school drive...

Forester- Admin

Sports Sector

All things sports talk.

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Random Conversation

Here you can talk about whatever come to your mind.

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Livable Forest Perks Members who bring in their perks card will receive a free 14 day trial. Includes unlimited camps and free Childcare ! Join a community that helps you set and reach your fitness goals! Burn Boot Camp features a constantly-changing mix of cardio, HIIT, and strength training so you never get the same…

Take the Trip!

It’s been a rough almost two years, and right when it appeared things may be returning to ‘normal’, we’ve gotten hit with another wave of the virus that shall not be named.  Travel right now is more complicated than ever, but it shouldn’t discourage from taking the trip! I know many people are chomping at…

Become a Guest Blogger !

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas ! I am looking for people who want to guest blog on The Livable Forest. If anyone is interested please contact me. All credit goes to the content creator and definitely include links and contact information. It’s free too and You get a Livable Forest Membership. I am looking…

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