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Seeking a unified online platform that champions the entrepreneurial and consumer spirit of Houston? Dive into our digital community, tailored not only for business magnates but also for individuals who are keyed into the vibrant pulse of Houston! 

Whether you’re maneuvering to elevate your local business or a Houstonian seeking a platform that addresses your urban needs and interests, our platform offers a harmonious blend of features distinctively designed for all. While we bolster local businesses with a wealth of resources like education, mentorship, and sustainable development opportunities, we equally cater to the everyday Houstonian with focused content, events, and community interactions that resonate with your city-centric needs and desires. 

Engage in networking sessions, explore exclusive events, dive into business highlights, and navigate through collaborative initiatives and vendor markets all under the illustrious Houston umbrella. Immerse yourself in our community today, and let’s collaboratively enhance our Houston experience, either by scaling your business or by enriching your urban lifestyle in this dynamic city!


Enjoy engaging in lively discussions, connecting with community groups, and sharing moments on the newsfeed? 

A General User account, available at no cost, opens up a world where anyone with an interest in contributing to the vibrancy of The Livable Forest community can do just that – and more! 

This FREE account is your ticket to participate in our discussions, join diverse groups, post updates to the newsfeed, and immerse yourself into The Livable Forest community in an all-encompassing manner. 

Become a part of our ever-growing, lively community and enjoy the ebb and flow of exciting conversations and activities unfolding in The Livable Forest – Your journey of active participation and connection starts here!

$25.00 One Time Fee

Step into a world of enhanced connectivity and exclusive benefits as a valued member of our vibrant community, where your experience is elevated and expanded in a myriad of ways:

Engaging Community News Feed: Beyond staying informed, immerse yourself in a hub of latest updates, pivotal announcements, industry insights, and community news through our lively and interactive news feed, ensuring you’re always abreast of the vibrant happenings and ahead in your journey.

Inclusive Group Participation: Embrace the essence of communal collaboration! Whether creating or joining specialized groups, foster meaningful connections, share invaluable knowledge, and engage in insightful discussions to broaden both your professional and personal networks.

Unlimited Access to Discounts: Unlock a universe of savings with boundless discounts throughout the community. Savor exclusive deals, promotions, and special offers from our partner businesses, enhancing your savings on a diverse array of products and services.

Partnership Opportunities with Attractive Commissions: As a member, you gain privileged access to become a partner and harness the opportunity to earn a generous 20% commission on referrals, with an additional 10% on tier referrals, creating a lucrative pathway to augment your income while enjoying the myriad benefits of our community.

Immediate Virtual Card Discounts: Experience instant saving gratifications with your virtual perks card, facilitating immediate discounts across a plethora of participating businesses, all available conveniently online with just a few swift clicks.

Timely Physical Card Delivery: Additionally, your membership entitles you to a physical perks card, dispatched to your doorstep within 7 business days, unlocking further exclusive benefits and discounts to enrich your in-person shopping adventures.

$500 One Time Fee

Uplift Your Corporate Journey & Catalyze Fundraising Opportunities for Your Community with Our Exclusive: Corporate Community Membership.

Unlock a realm where both your organizational experience and your community’s fundraising efforts for schools, booster clubs, teams, churches, and charities are seamlessly elevated:

Empower and Enrich: Offer a unique code to 100 select employees, team members, or community representatives to immerse them in the prestigious Community Member tier, providing a stellar incentive or fundraising tool for entities such as schools and clubs.

Maximize Earnings & Give Back: Transform all 100 Community Members into affiliates, enabling them to earn a striking 20% commission. It’s not merely about fostering your organization’s growth, but also a dynamic way for community entities to generate funds, while members benefit on a personal level, all without hidden costs.

Cost-Effective Fundraising: Secure memberships at a compelling rate of merely $5.00 each, slashing the standard $25.00 individual rate substantially. Opting to sell all 100 perk cards at $25 unlocks a fundraising potential of a whopping $2,500!

Effortless Benefit Distribution: In a swift under-7-business-day window, have 100 perk cards delivered to your organization, streamlining the process of disbursing the myriad benefits of the Corporate Community Membership.

Expand Your Community’s Network: Upgrading unlocks a golden opportunity: full-year access to a broad vendor market network, paving the way for establishing partnerships, building connections, and indulging in discounts in a vibrant marketplace – a pivotal move for entities aiming to widen their influence.

$100 Per Year for businesses 1-4 location & $1,500 Per Year for business with 5+ locations

Unlock Amplified Visibility and Engage Vibrantly with The Livable Forest Partnership!

Eager to dive into a community bustling with vibrant, engaged, and synergistic individuals? Join forces with The Livable Forest and unearth a wealth of benefits designed to catapult your business into new realms of success. As a pillar of community unity and prosperity, we’re steadfast in our commitment to nurturing an environment where businesses don’t just survive, but truly thrive. Partnering with us opens up a world of exclusive, transformative advantages:

Exclusive Benefits:

  • Premium Perks Program (Available at $100/year): Elevate your stature as a perks business, providing the community with exclusive incentives that ensure a loyal and expanding customer base.

  • Interactive Digital Flyer: Ignite community attention and amplify your brand’s visibility with an interactive flyer that resounds with our audience, sustaining a lively presence throughout your partnership.

  • Front Page Sponsorship: Heighten your brand’s prestige by securing a prized position on our homepage, deepening your connection with a community of avid enthusiasts.

  • Boost Your Brand on The Livable Forest Social Media Pages: As a Perks Business member, maximize our dynamic platform. Accentuate your brand with compelling videos and images, and cross-promote from your social channels to ours, enhancing community connections and multiplying your reach. Join us in crafting a community where business growth and camaraderie seamlessly intertwine.

Unified Benefits for Businesses of All Sizes:

  • Direct Community Engagement: Immerse in direct interactions with the local community, molding marketing strategies to align with prevailing preferences and burgeoning trends.

  • Actionable Insights and Profile Visibility: Harness actionable analytics and customer insights, enabling your business to refine marketing strategies and build connections with a diverse customer base.

  • Cost-Effective and Tailored Marketing Solutions: Experience the power of budget-conscious, localized marketing initiatives, scalable across various city markets, bolstering your reach from startups to established corporations.

  • Cross-Promotional Opportunities: Forge alliances with businesses, crafting unique offers and promotions that amplify brand visibility and cultivate a collaborative marketing ecosystem.

  • Strengthened Local Presence: Root your brand deeply within the local community, fostering brand loyalty and curating a trustworthy image.

Aligning with The Livable Forest represents more than an advertising venture; it signifies your integral role in a community that harmonizes business success and community engagement. Your investment symbolizes a dedication to cultivating a vibrant, interactive community, laying the foundation for a reciprocally beneficial collaboration.