The Livable Forest Brand Ambassadors

The Livable Forest Brand Ambassadors are a select group of passionate individuals who champion our values and mission. Representing the heart and soul of our community, they not only embody our brand’s essence but also play a pivotal role in amplifying our message. Through their enthusiastic engagement, they foster connections, promote local endeavors, and inspire a deeper sense of community. Joining as a Brand Ambassador means becoming a beacon of our brand, shaping its future while enjoying unique perks and experiences tailored for our community’s most dedicated advocates.

The Livable Forest Brand Ambassador Expectations:

  1. Advocacy: Actively promote and represent The Livable Forest values, mission, and initiatives in both online and offline spaces.

  2. Engagement: Participate in brand events, campaigns, and initiatives, ensuring consistent and genuine involvement.

  3. Content Creation: Regularly produce and share authentic content related to The Livable Forest on social media platforms, blogs, or other outlets. They will post a minimum of 2 posts per week on The Livable Forest platform and follow all members. 

  4. Feedback Loop: Provide timely feedback on brand campaigns, products, or services, helping shape future strategies.

  5. Professionalism: Uphold the integrity and reputation of The Livable Forest in all interactions, ensuring all communications are respectful and aligned with our brand voice.

  6. Continuous Learning: Stay updated on The Livable Forest’s latest offerings, events, and news to provide accurate information to the community.

  7. Networking: Foster connections within the community, encouraging partnerships and collaborations that benefit The Livable Forest and its affiliates.

  8. Reporting: Periodically report on ambassador activities, successes, and areas of improvement, ensuring alignment with set goals.

  9. Exclusivity: Avoid conflicts of interest by not representing or promoting competing brands or services.

  10. Responsiveness: Maintain active communication with The Livable Forest team, ensuring queries, suggestions, or concerns from the community are addressed in a timely manner.

The Livable Forest Brand Ambassador Compensation:

  1. Exclusive Discounts: Ambassadors receive a unique discount code offering them 10% off all The Livable Forest products and services. 

  2. Free Merchandise: Regularly receive free or exclusive merchandise, including limited edition items, as a token of our appreciation.

  3. Event Passes: Get complimentary VIP passes to all The Livable Forest events, workshops, and seminars.

  4. Professional Growth: Access to exclusive training sessions, workshops, and resources tailored for our ambassadors.

  5. Recognition & Features: Spotlight features on The Livable Forest’s social media channels, website, and newsletters, boosting their personal brand.

  6. Networking Opportunities: Invitations to exclusive brand and industry events, offering a platform to connect with influencers, peers, and industry experts.

  7. Referral Bonuses: Additional bonuses for introducing and onboarding new brand ambassadors or securing partnerships for The Livable Forest.

  8. Yearly Retreat(Planning Stages): Eligibility to join an annual Brand Ambassador retreat, a dedicated event to celebrate, relax, and connect.

The Livable Forest Brand Ambassador Requirements:

  1. Community Membership: All ambassadors must hold a Community Membership or higher with The Livable Forest, ensuring familiarity with our offerings and ethos.

  2. Join the Ambassador Group: Ambassadors are required to join the dedicated ‘Ambassador Group’ on The Livable Forest Platform, serving as a central hub for communication, updates, and collaborative efforts.

  3. Active Online Presence: Ambassadors should maintain a consistent and engaged presence on at least one major social media platform, showcasing their ability to connect with and influence a digital audience.

  4. Alignment with Brand Values: A genuine alignment with The Livable Forest’s mission, vision, and values, both in personal and online interactions.

  5. Engagement: Regular participation in brand events, campaigns, and initiatives, reflecting genuine involvement and enthusiasm.

  6. Content Commitment: A commitment to produce and share authentic content related to The Livable Forest at least once a month.

  7. Communication Skills: Strong written and verbal communication skills to articulate the brand’s messages in a clear and compelling manner.

  8. Openness to Feedback: A proactive attitude towards feedback, paired with a commitment to continuous improvement.

  9. Exclusivity: A pledge to not promote or represent competing brands or services during their tenure as a brand ambassador for The Livable Forest.

  10. Regular Check-ins: Monthly engagements with The Livable Forest team to share updates, provide feedback, and align on overarching goals and strategies.

  11. Community Collaboration: A proactive role in The Livable Forest community, fostering collaboration, support, and continuous engagement with other members and ambassadors.

Note: Adhering to these requirements ensures our ambassadors are deeply integrated with our brand and are equipped to represent and amplify it effectively. Regular evaluations can be established to ensure ambassadors align with these expectations throughout their association. 

Note: All selected will have to sign an NDA to be officially a Livable Forest Ambassador. Once your application is sent we will send you an email with our decision and the link to the agreement. 

The Livable Forest Brand Ambassador Application

Basic Information:

Background & Experience:

Understanding of The Livable Forest:

Engagement & Influence:

Motivations & Alignment:

Expectations & Commitment:

Open-Ended/Additional Insights:

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