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Welcome to The Livable Forest Live Channel, your virtual gateway into the heart of our community! Immerse yourself in a unique, interactive experience designed to bring the neighborhood closer, no matter where you are. Our channel serves as a dynamic platform that showcases all facets of community life, offering real-time coverage of local events, insightful stories about our residents, exclusive interviews, and on-the-spot community highlights.

Join us, and stay informed about everything from the latest eco-friendly initiatives that safeguard our ‘livable forest,’ to uplifting stories that celebrate the diverse and vibrant fabric of our community. Our dedicated team is committed to keeping you connected, engaged, and informed. With live broadcasts, engaging community forums, and a compelling array of video content, The Livable Forest Live Channel is not just a network; it’s where the heartbeat of our community comes to life.

Tune in and become part of a community experience that embraces the future while cherishing the natural wonders and communal spirit that make our forest truly ‘livable.’ It’s more than just news; it’s about making genuine connections and preserving the quality of life for all community members. Welcome to The Livable Forest—where you’re not just a viewer; you’re a neighbor.

All lives are recorded and can be accessed below the community chat under the label “Previous Lives”. Once this live is over I will upload it to Facebook and Instagram a few hours later. 

NEXT LIVE: November 16, 2023 at 11:00 AM

What's on the Agenda ?

The Community

  • Purpose is to connect businesses to consumers faster and more efficiently.
  • How we do it through our online community, in person networking, perks program and vendor markets.

Parker’s Cup Connections

  • Purpose
  • Is there anything for business owners ?

Vendor Markets

  • The Harvest Market
  • Kingwood Christmas Market
  • 2024 Markets
  • Vendor pricing
  • How to be a vendor

Live Community Chat

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