The Livable Forest Perks Card

The Why

It is a true act of continual kindness that is a necessity and supports people that support and maintain our community.

Your membership will give you access to EXCLUSIVE perks and deals with participating businesses.

When you purchase a membership a portion of the proceeds go to Kingwood Kindness which is an organization that helps our community at the drop of a dime. They have been supporting and caring for our community since Harvey and have not stopped!

A portion of the funds will be used to host FREE vendor markets.

What you can do at your leisure once logged in

  1. Customize your profile.
  2. Customize your privacy settings.
  3. Create blog post with option to have it posted only on the members page or share to The Livable Forest Facebook page.
  4. Respond to other users blog post.
  5. View events that are happening with our perks businesses.
  6. Connect in the members chat room.

Benefits of being a Member

  1. Discounts throughout town with participating businesses.
  2. Member outings at perks businesses such as Humble Skate Center, Interactive Aquarium, Main Event and The Woodlands Resort.
  3. Safe online community engagement with other members in our members chat room and private group.

Features of being a Member

  1. Free community markets for businesses to attend.
  2. Continual Support for Kingwood Kindness.
  3. Businesses are being supported on a daily basis.
  4. Businesses can join the Business Perks Program for FREE.

How to sign up !

Click the side bar and fill out the registration form. Once completed your Livable Forest Perks Card will be automatically sent out.

View which businesses are participating