How do you want to support our community ?

The Livable Forest is a online marketing platform designed to help support businesses in the Greater Houston Area through our perks program. When you registers to be a member you will receive a one of a kind Livable Forest perks(discount)card. With this card you can visit select businesses and receive discounts, attend member outings, participate in monthly drawings and much more !

However you choose to support the community we appreciate you !

Everyone plays a major role in the economic development of our community no matter if you hold a perks card, sponsor the card or support our local charity.

Workshops and Classes

You will find different businesses who are hosting different workshops, classes and many other fun activities.

Need Another Marketing Opportunity ?

Koutour Event is a vendor market hosted in different locations in Houston Texas on Saturdays and Sundays on select days throughout the year. We have a very eclectic market spanning the retail industry from handmade art to mainstream beauty products.

Product Enquiry

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